Friday, 28 April 2017

☁ ☁ ☁ Yes it's time to check vCloud ☁ ☁ ☁

                                   VMware vCloud 

 Cloud is the trending topic and technology from last few years in IT industry. Let's talk about cloud ☁☁☁

What is VMware’s vCloud ?

A vCloud is VMware’s cloud solution product bundle which includes all the necessary software  to deliver the cloud computing. vCloud mainly focusing on IAAS (Infrastructure as service).The vCloud layer will build on top of VMware vSphere by extending the robust virtual infrastructure capabilities to facilitate delivery of infrastructure service via cloud computing without compromising the performance.
Cloud computing simply eliminates all these back-end works and provides the infrastructure in few minutes. Based your requirement , you can opt IAAS , SAAS or PAAS .
vCloud Components Role:
vCloud Component Description
VMware vCloud Director (vCD)
vCloud API
Cloud Coordinator and UI. Abstracts vSphere resources
• vCloud Director Server(s) (also known as “cell”)
• vCloud Director Database
• vCloud API, used to manage cloud objects
VMware vSphereUnderlying foundation of virtualized resources.
The vSphere family of products includes:
• vCenter Server and vCenter Server Database
• ESXi hosts, clustered by vCenter Server
• Management Assistant
VMware vShieldProvides network security services
• vShield Manager (VSM) virtual appliance
• vShield Edge* virtual appliances, automatically deployed by vCloud Director
VMware vCenter ChargebackOptional component that provides resource metering and reporting to facilitate resource howback/chargeback
• vCenter Chargeback Server
• Chargeback Data Collector
• vCloud Data Collector
• VSM Data Collector
VMware vCenter OrchestratorOptional component that facilitates orchestration at the vCloud API  and vSphere levels.
VMware vCloud Request ManagerOptional component that provides provisioning request and approval  workflows, software license tracking, and policy-based cloud  partitioning
VMware vCloud ConnectorOptional component to facilitate transfer of a powered-off vApp in OVF format from a local vCloud or vSphere to a remote vCloud
Check my next coming post on vCloud Architecture.

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