Thursday, 17 March 2016

Install and configure vRealize Operations Manager 6.0.1 Part 1

VRealize Operation Manager can now be deployed as a single virtual appliance, Windows based VROPs installer is also available. For wide environment, it is recommended to go with virtual appliance which is UNIX based and can directly deploy on ESXi host, no OS dependency here.

Best practice for deploying appliance on vCenter is always do it through web client. 

Refer the below link for prerequisites:

Lets start deploying VROPS
Installation steps:
1.      Get the vRealize Operations Manager 6.0.1 OVA file from VMware site and then deploy the OVA just like any other OVA using vSphere web client. While  installation you will be configured the name, deployment size, datastore, disk format (thick or thin) network mapping, and then timezone and network settings (IP address, etc).  
Note: Best practice is always select thick provisioning eager zeroed disk for better performance as there is continuous I/O on VROPS

2.      Now power on the vROPS virtual machine. 

3.      Once the OVA has been deployed open up a browser window and go to: https:\\IP_ADDRESS\
At the vRealize Operations Manager Getting Started page select either “Express Installation
or “New Installation“. I will go with Express option.

4.      Click Next at the Getting Started step, then set an Administrator password. 

5.      Click on Finish to complete the initial setup wizard. 

6.      VROPS will then being preparing for first use. 

7.      Within a few minutes it will complete with cognates message and prompt you to log in. 

At this point VROPS 6.0.1 has been installed and ready to be configured or import data from an existing vCenter Operations Manager.

Part 2. For configuration,please refer below link